Next to their work on stage ego portrait is teaching a variety of workshops that lay in their field of expertise. Maja and Ralph have many years of experience in giving workshops for both, kids and adults.

Me, You, Floor! Partnering in Dance and Circus

This workshop deals with elements of Partnering and Partner Acrobatics. In this workshop we are working on knowledge and tools to act and react within the own body as well as in the interaction with another one.
Through a process of building trust towards oneself and the other, we explore the relation between giving and taking weigh, the use of gravity and momentum as well as the importance of the floor for any movement.

Creation Tools

This workshop offers different tools for performance creation in different fields such as circus, dance and performance art. We explore different techniques that help you getting into a creative zone and put your ideas into space by orientating on physical, mental and spatial rules. We play around with themes about opposites, distance and proximity, verbalization and many more. We recycle and look inside the box in order to see what we have already got, look at our restrictions and learn to use them for our purpose rather than getting stuck by them.


Maja is offering a flowy floorwork workshop, where the focus is all on the connection to the floor. The class starts with finding, establishing and deepening our relation to the floor. We work on different approaches and coordinations on how to move with and across the floor and later on speed up the tempo and play with some more acrobatic movements. We will always look for the flow in our actions and connections.
Moreover Maja is also teaching Ballet and Modern as well as Latin Dances. 

Object Manipulation

Ralph offers workshops with all kind of different circus props for beginners and intermediate practitioners such as diabolos, clubs, cigar boxes, unicycles, pois and many more. For advanced circus people Ralph is teaching contact juggling, ball juggling and walking globe.

Teaching References

Solo or Duo

CircArtive School, Gschwend

Sport Union, Linz – Education for partnerakrobatic trainers

TRAP, Vienna 

Red Sapata, Linz 

Acroyoga Linz 

Akrobatik Convention Graz 

 Zirkus KAOS, Vienna

NICE Meeting, Gschwend 

Sommer Zirkus Momoki

Dance CharActers, Vienna

BG/BRG Wels Dr. Schauer Straße

Dance Sport School, Vienna

TSK Juventus, Vienna

TSK Schwarz-Weiß, Vienna

Studio an der Wien, Vienna

Ballettratten, Vienna

Kinderspektakel with Dido and Beatrix

various elementary schools