Author: majafranke


RE/ACT! puts topics such as moral courage and responsibility into a performance context. Like this the audience and the performers can experience and experiment with those themes. The performers, who have their roots in contemporary circus, dance and performance art, work with tools from these very fields. They play. They play with falling and being …

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This performance is understood as process and dialogue. The audience and the performers are encouraged to think beyond the traditional definitions of theater. With a movement language, which has its roots in dance and circus, relationships are sought and built. In this frame the artists talk to the audience about responsibility, trust, individuality and the …

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Meeting Point

Maja is a dancer, she loves swirling around. Ralph is a juggler, he loves throwing things in the air, catching and balancing them. Together they take the next step and meet in the world of partner acrobatics, where Ralph is swirling Maja around, is balancing and catching her. Sometimes it is the other way around. …

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